About my sculptures

The source of my inspiration creating sculptures is to reflect the inner entity where the spiritual freedom and inner balance are in focus. Human characteristics unite in organic forms. Wings symbolize my personal experience of freedom in my work and embody inner spiritual strength.

I am a practicing artist since 1998. Exerting my art reflects the expression of my perception and feelings, which manifest within my environment and also I am experiencing myself. This determines the atmosphere of my art.

Mainly I create my sculptures out of fire clay, which will then cast in bronze. Fire clay is for me the ideal material. It permits me freely to express my inner freedom during every creative process. After a period of experiments with casteline and pasteline, I discovered possibilities to realize the ideas that were not possible with chamotte. In addition to the three-year Private Lessons Circle Per due with artist Anqelique Schouwman v. Loon in The Hague,

I attended various workshops such as patinating bronze and experimenting with wax at Beeldenstorm in Eindhoven, Bronsgieterij Ton van Schalen in Someren and the Smelterij in Veen.

L'homme affligé connait bien la melodie des plaintes, comme le creuset sait la valeur de l'or pur;
Venez, coeurs épris des ardeurs mystiques, génissons ensemble: Celui-la seul qui y a gouté connit l'extase de lámour .. divin ......