Torso men

Looking for a male torso? Here you will find an overview of male torsos. Dimensions range from 16 to 40 cm high.

Torso women

Looking for a female torso? Here you find an overview of female torsos. Dimensions range from 22 to 75 cm high.

Wide sculptures

Looking for a wide sculpture? Here you will find an overview of all landscape images. Dimensions range from 49 to 75 cm long.


Overview of various sculptures. Dimensions range from 24 to 120 cm.

All sculptures

Overview from all available sculptures. Dimensions range from 16 to 123 cm.

Looking for a unique gift

You may still have a space that can still use a powerful form of expression. Or you are looking for a personal and unique gift for a special occasion, colleague or business partner. We determine the design together on the basis of a studio visit.

You can contact me by mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or mobile
+31 (0)655 340 805

Elise Coenen

The source of my inspiration creating sculptures is to reflect the inner entity where the spiritual freedom and inner balance are in focus. Human characteristics unite in organic forms. Wings symbolize my personal experience of freedom in my work and embody inner spiritual strength.

I am a practicing artist since 1998. Exerting my art reflects the expression of my perception and feelings, which manifest within my environment and also I am experiencing myself. This determines the atmosphere of my art.